Chown Commercial Allegion Partner

From steel doors to exit devices, Allegion is a leader in the safety and security industry around doors, and is on the cutting edge of new technology for electronic safety solutions.

Falcon Security and Safety Locks

With a line of products to fit every need and every budget, Falcon is the perfect fit for Chown to help ensure the security and safety of our clients’ buildings.

Glynn-Johnson Door Holders & Stops

Door holders and stops are the specialty of Glynn-Johnson and we bring their range of features, finishes, and configurations right to our customers to keep their doors safely and securely in place.

Ives Commercial Building Hardware & Accessories

Door accessory hardware from hinges to pulls that match any style while offering superior security have been the mainstay of Ives for more than 120 years. Let us show you why they’re our trusted partner.

LCN Door Control Hardware

This company began manufacturing door closers in 1881 and has been leading the way in door control solutions ever since. From universal designs to unique applications, we continue to rely on LCN for top performing products that stand the test of time.

Locknetics electromechanical hardware

Ushering in electromechanical hardware, Locknetics has built its name with electromagenetic locks and electric strikes. Our tech savvy customers appreciate security wrapped in technology and we know Locknetics will have what they need and want.

Schlage Locksets

Chown brought Schlage into its line of products way back in X just five years after the company had introduced a new kind of lock with a push-button locking device centered right in the doorknob. The relationship remains. Our customers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Steelcraft Commercial Steel Doors

When you’re the best at what you make, there’s no need to do more. Steelcraft is the leader in producing commercial steel doors and frames for any sized project that our clients bring to us. That’s why we put our complete trust in their products.

Zero International Door Thresholds & Bottoms

Having your door work right all the time no matter the conditions is the goal for Chown which is why we work with Zero International whose perimeter seals and thresholds also keep outside air from sneaking in and the inside air from getting out.

Von Duprin Door Security

After the release of its first ever “panic release bar” in 1908, Von Duprin caught the attention of Chown’s founder who quickly brought Von Duprin into the fold. Decades later their door security systems are a mainstay in our inventory.