Chown has been providing the best commercial-grade products and services to Oregon and Washington for decades. From retail and hospital facilities to government and local municipalities, we have installed thousands of fire-safe doors, automatic locks, video systems, and more because we take your safety seriously. 

As heightened security becomes a necessity in nearly every public space, but especially educational environments, we offer protection to students, teachers, and faculty in the case of a lockdown. With many schools undergoing renovations, this is an opportunity to update your security systems. Below are some indicators that it’s time for an upgrade. 

  • If the door hardware requires an individual to step out of the room to lock the door, then staff and students could be at risk.
  • Hardware with “unrestricted ability” to lock or unlock the door could allow anyone, including students, to take control of the opening.
  • Magnets or tape on the door to prevent latching violates model codes if the door is fire-rated.
  • If the school’s exterior doors do not automatically close, then they are not in a ready position for an emergency lockdown.
  • Hardware that is not permanently attached to the door, requiring teachers or staff to locate and attach the device in the midst of a lockdown emergency, can take critical time.
  • Door hardware that slows down entering or leaving a room during an emergency situation could unnecessarily place staff and students in harm’s way.
  • Current codes require classroom doors to be able to unlock from the outside with a key, credential, or other approved means, for access by emergency responders.

Whether any or all of these markers ring true for your project, our expert Chown Commercial team is here to provide the industry knowledge and support you need to secure your environment. Backed by decades of experience and certifications from DHI, our master locksmiths and key system engineers, certified fire door and fire safety inspectors, and architectural hardware consultants are qualified to secure any communal space for a lockdown situation. 

For 143 years, our exceptional service has set us apart from other hardware retailers, and we bring that same commitment to ensuring protection in all education spaces across the region. 

Let us help you protect your future today! Contact us today for more information.